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Job Seekers

  • What is the hiring process?
    Applications will be reviewed, prospective employees will be interviewed and pre-screened and we will match the employee to an employer in need as quickly as possible.
  • How long does my assignment last?
    Assignments vary in length determined by the nature of the assignment, however, we strive for permanent placement.
  • What do I do when my assignment has ended?
    When your assignment has ended, simply let us know you are now available and we will go to work to match you with another employer.
  • When I am on an assignment, who is my employer?"
    Your employer is Alpha Staffing Inc. until you are offered a full time position.
  • When is payday?
    Paychecks are ready for pick-up at our office on Friday. Some paychecks may be delivered to the job site depending on agreement with employer.
  • What do I do if I am injured on the job?
    Immediately report the injury to the supervisor on location, depending on the nature of the injury you will be transported either to the emergency room or the occupational health center where an Alpha Staffing, Inc. employee will meet you.
  • Am I eligable for employee benefits?
    As a temporary employee you are NOT eligible for benefits, however, if you are moved to permanent employment you will be eligible for benefits through that company.


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